Eurointegration Trainings in Georgia



In the beginning of October ECEAP organised two trainings in Georgia with the shared aim of promoting the achievement of tangible benefits within the 20 Deliverables for 2020 framework, especially the cross-cutting deliverables of 1)more engagement with civil society organisations and 3) strengthening strategic communications and supporting plurality and independence of media.

On the 2nd-3rd of October, “EUROINTEGRATION AND MEDIA” international conference was held in Tbilisi for Georgian and Ukrainian regional journalists to encourage cross-border cooperation and sharing of experiences. Estonian know-how and lessons learned were shared by Hannes Rumm and Rasmus Kagge.

On the 4th of October, “EUROINTEGRATION AND DIFFICULT REFORMS: WHY IS IT ALL WORTH IT – ESTONIAN EXAMPLE” training was held in Zestafoni, Georgia. The training event was opened by Estonia’s Ambassador to Georgia, Kai Kaarelson and the Mayor of Zestafoni, Kakhaber Makhatadze. ECEAP was represented by its head Jaan Reinhold and Programme Director Tiina Ilsen. The local government of Zestafoni invited ECEAP to share why and how eurointegration inspired Estonian local governments to undertake difficult reforms which enabled Estonia to become the most successful post-Soviet country.

A team of Estonian specialists from a range of fields including local governance (Ando Kiviberg, Rein Triisa), education (Tõnis Lukas, Tarmo Loodus), enterpreneurship (Jaan Kelder, Priit Tamm), media (Rasmus Kagge, Jaanus Piirsalu) and stratcom (Hannes Rumm) conducted training workshops and seminars for their Georgian colleagues and opinion leaders. One of ECEAP’s main focus areas in Georgia is relaying Estonian experiences with eurointegration to Georgian regions to facilitate and encourage their progress with EU-related reforms.

To view a photo gallery of the training in Zestafoni, please click HERE

Both activities were financed by Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the funds of development cooperation and humanitarian aid.