The relations between Estonia and Armenia are good and stable. ECEAP has conducted training seminars and study trips to Estonia for Armenian government officials and journalists, the latest of which focused on food safety issues and on EU communication. Armenians have regularly attended the center’s public administration reform (PAR) seminars within the framework of multilateral cooperation. In Armenia, ECEAP has a good working cooperation with the EU centre in Yerevan.

Within the framework of development cooperation, the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has organized numerous training programmes for Armenian government officials since 2001. With the support of the MFA, Armenian students and young officials have attended post-graduate courses at the Estonian School of Diplomacy and several other Estonian universities. More recent major bilateral development cooperation projects include the environmental education project, which was implemented by Peipsi Co-operation Centre, e-Governance development project carried out by the e-Governance Academy and Estonian Women’s Studies and Resource Centres project for the protection of children in Armenia. Co-financed by the MFA, several Estonian-Armenian cooperation projects were launched in early 2014, which contributed to regional development, public sector capacity building, civil society development and protection of children’s rights in Armenia.