Since 2011, Belarus has been Estonia’s development cooperation priority country along with other EU Eastern Partnership countries. The center has organised seminars and training programmes for the representatives of Belarus’ civil society organisations. Furthermore, Belarusians have participated in several multilateral seminars involving all of the Eastern Partnership countries on public administration reform.

Since 2002, Estonia has organised seminars and supported conferences for Belarusians or on relevant capacity building issues. In 2008, 2011 and 2012, the Estonian MFA supported holding conferences in Tallinn for the Belarusian diaspora. Until 2013, the MFA collaborated with the Ministry of Education and Science and several universities in order to provide scholarships for Belarusian students for post-graduate education in Estonia. Several Estonian non-profit organizations have carried out various projects in Belarus, including in the areas of business education, development of civic deployment and many others.