Relations between Estonia and Moldova have intensified notably in recent years and Moldova is one of Estonia’s development cooperation priority partner countries. Moldova’s clear choice to move towards deeper European integration has allowed the center to focus on close bilateral and multilateral cooperation by organising a number of training programmes, seminars and study visits. Moldovan journalists have repeatedly attended study trips to Estonia, most recently with the government press officers to become acquainted with Estonia’s EU experience. Meanwhile, Moldova hosted the 7th public administration reform (PAR) seminar on public administration coordination issues. ECEAP enjoys a good relationship with the Moldovan Foreign Policy Association (APE).

Estonia’s development cooperation with Moldova is directed to the following areas: education, support of good governance, democratic development, economic and sustainable environmental development. Since 2000, the contribution to different projects has increased ten-fold. Development cooperation projects include collaboration with different ministries, including the Molodvan Ministries of Education, Youth and Sports, with the aim of increasing the use of information and communication technologies. Within the framework of the „Leap“ project, Estonia presented one of the Moldovan schools with a fully equipped computer lab. Other bilateral projects between Estonia and Moldova include improving the competence of inter alia tax specialists, border guards and other civil servants.