Estonian Center of Eastern Partnership (ECEAP) is a training center for EU’s Eastern Partner countries and a think tank dedicated to promoting Eastern Partnership issues.

Through training courses, seminars, conferences, debates and publications, ECEAP aims to develop relations with the Eastern Partnership countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine as well as contribute towards achieving EU’s Eastern Partnership policy goals. The center’s bilateral cooperation with Eastern Partners is underpinned by multilateral activities that are mainly carried out in the field of public administration reform (PAR).

ECEAP was founded in January 2011 by the Estonian School of Diplomacy and Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ECEAP is financed by the Estonian Foreign Ministry’s Development Cooperation’s Fund and supported by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland and the European Commission. Since December 2015, ECEAP is an independent foundation.

Our main goals

  • Develop adminitrative capacities of civil servants and senior officials from Eastern Partner countries
  • Foster relations between the state institutions of Estonia and Eastern Partner countries and the civil society
  • Promote Eastern Partnership and partner countries and stimulate informed debate among Estonian, European and international audiences

Our activities

  • Organising bi- and multilateral training courses, seminars and study visits for civil servants and senior officials from the Eastern Partner countries and for other stakeholders
  • Sending Estonian experts and consultants to Eastern Partner countries
  • Publishing studies, policy and research papers on Eastern Partnership issues and countries
  • Organising bi- and multilateral conferences, seminars and roundtable discussions on various Eastern Partnership issues in Estonia and abroad
  • The center’s website is a gateway to Eastern Partnership related information bringing together EU’s official information, academic publications and editorial opinion

Training courses, seminars and study visits

The center organises training courses and seminars, which address various issues under the Eastern Partnership initiative and provide assistance and advice to the civil servants from the partner countries in the area of state-building, transition, reforms and communication with the European Union. ECEAP launches both its own training initiatives as well as provides training according to the requests from the partner countries.

Sending Estonian experts to partner countries

The center sends Estonian civil servants and consultants as experts to the Eastern Partner countries to give expert advice on the modernisation of public administration, building administrative capacities and developing cooperation with the EU. To date the center has sent intellectual property and EU communication experts to Georgia and Moldova, tax consultants and public sector ethics specialists to Moldova and several education and foreign policy professionals to the Georgian and Armenian diplomatic academies.


The center forms a network of researchers focusing on the Eastern Partnership issues. The network invites researchers from Estonia and from other countries to participate. The center publishes its studies in the center’s online magazine Eastern Partnership Review. In its research activities the center follows the principle of academic freedom. All ECEAP publications reflect only the positions of their authors and these are not reflections of any institutional positions, official or unofficial.

Multilateral cooperation and PAR seminars

The center assisted European Commission/EEAS with launching the Panel on Public Administration Reform (PAR) under the 1st Multilateral Platform within the Eastern Partnership initiative and provides Estonian activities under the given panel. The center organises PAR seminars to all partner countries twice a year, which is one of the most important activities for the center in this area.

Promoting Eastern Partnership

The center regularly organises conferences, roundtable discussions, public lectures and university presentations to promote Eastern Partnership countries and raise awareness about the Eastern Partnership with the aim of stimulating informed public discussion on these issues in Estonia and abroad.