Gert Antsu Director
Tiina Ilsen Programme Director
Elina Sulbi Project Manager
Paula Kolk Project Manager
Alina Aruoja Project Manager
Helen Soontaga Project Manager
Kairi Keso Project Assistant
Aap Neljas Senior Research Fellow
Raul Mälk Senior Research Fellow

Associated Experts

Artur Aukon Media and journalism
Eerik Heldna Security and law enforcement reform
Rasmus Kagge Media and communication
Ando Kiviberg Regional reforms and development
Tiit Matsulevits Security and law enforcement reform
Ilmar Raag Strategic communication
Raul Rebane Strategic communication and media
Hannes Rumm Communication and EU-integration
Ainar Ruussaar Media and journalism
Lauri Tabur Public Administration and law enforcement reform

Supervisory Board

Ekke Nõmm Director, Estonian School of Diplomacy
Kadri Maasik Undersecretary for Administrative Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Hannes Hanso Board Member
Gea Rennel Director, Division for Eastern Europe & Central Asia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Kadi Metsandi Director, Development Cooperation Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs