Priorities and Strengths

Vision and Goals

The Estonian Center of Eastern Partnership is a training and research center focusing on the six countries of the EU’s Eastern Partnership (EaP). Through its activities ECEAP aims to develop relations with the EaP countries while contributing to the advancement of the overall goals of the EU’s policy in the region. The Center’s bilateral cooperation with partner countries is bolstered by multilateral activities carried out within the fields of public administration reform and the harmonization of digital markets, for example.


2011: The Estonian Center of Eastern Partnership is founded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the Estonian School of Diplomacy
2015: ECEAP becomes an independent non-profit foundation
2016: ECEAP expands by adding several new staff members
2017: The Center’s new office opens in the Solaris Center in Tallinn

Since its founding, ECEAP has:

  • Trained over 1,500 government officials and experts from partner countries
  • Organized over 170 study visits and training programs
  • Released over 40 major research publications along with many more shorter articles, op-eds, and other commentary in print/broadcast media both in Estonia and abroad
  • Held six annual conferences devoted to the Eastern Partnership, along with dozens of smaller scale events on both the ministerial and expert level