Eastern Partnership Summit

The 5th Eastern Partnership Summit will take place in Brussels on November 24, 2017.

At the Summit, heads of state/government from the 28 EU Member States as well as the 6 Eastern Partnership countries will gather to evaluate the achievements over the past two years and to establish concrete plans for future cooperation.

Taking close account of the input provided by officials and experts in the official Summit side events–such as the Media Forum, the e-Partnership Conference, the Civil Society Conference, and the Business Forum–leaders will focus on how to provide further and tangible benefits to the people of their countries.

The particular areas of focus are those agreed on at the previous Riga summit in 2015:

  • stronger economy: economic development and better market opportunities
  • stronger governance: strengthening of institutions and good governance
  • stronger connectivity: enhancing interconnections, notably in the areas of transport and energy
  • stronger society: increasing mobility and contacts between people

In a joint staff working document entitled The Eastern Partnership: Focusing on Key Priorities and Deliverables, the EEAS and European Commission identified concrete deliverables to be achieved both by the Summit and by the year 2020. This document was initially released in December 2016 and substantially revised in June 2017, and is available here.