Elsa Tulmets: Institution-Building Instruments in the Eastern Partnership

16. mai 2014

This policy paper reviews the instruments of institution-building – of support to the administrative capacity to implement policies – in the European Neighbourhood Policy and the Eastern Partnership in particular. Among the key instruments, one can identify TAIEX, Twinning, SIGMA, and the Comprehensive Institution Building (CIB) Programmes. The paper argues that these instruments keep on drawing on the logic of enlargement, where they originate, and that they have become central in the implementation of EU policy in the Eastern neighbourhood in order to show the EU’s capacity to deliver results. After a short assessment of the instruments available for the East, some recommendations are made in regard to the necessity to improve coordination between the various EU instruments and donors as well as between the bilateral and multilateral aspects of the Eastern Partnership, and the need for the ENP to stick to its principles of differentiation and ownership. Eastern Partnership Review No 6, 2011, Institution-Building Instruments in the Eastern Partnership: Still Drawing on Enlargement? (.pdf)