T. Shevchenko Park in Kyiv, Ukraine

NB! Event has already passed


This platform is a place where you can freely disagree with opinion leaders, representatives of non-governmental organizations and journalists about what is important today for many Ukrainians – how to fight corruption and achieve success without bribes. It’s an opportunity to express your opinion and be heard, get acquainted with interesting people and find like-minded people for realizing your own ideas.

ECEAP is proud to be contributing to the organisation of this event.



We are open to dialogue

We respect the ideas and opinions of the interlocutors, even if they are fundamentally different from our vision.

We create together

Organizers, speakers and visitors are equal partners in the process of co-creation.

We are listening

Listening is just as important as talking. Be ready to hear the opinion of others.

We use well-balanced arguments

We speak not from the standpoint of force or aggression, but with information, data, numbers. We respect and do humiliate others

We offer solutions

If we criticize, then we substantiate our opinion, motivate it and make suggestions.

We do not mind photos and videos

You can take photos and videos at the festival and we do not object to the use of the captured materials for public purposes.


For more information, please click here: https://dumkofest.org/.


ECEAP’s contribution is funded through Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.