e-Partnership Conference


Tallinn Creative Hub (Kultuurikatel)

NB! Event has already passed

The e-partnership conference will focus on how EU’s Eastern Partnership countries use information and communications technology to promote the transparency of government processes and ensure the safety and security of the cyberspace.

The conference aims to showcase the positive results that have already been achieved in EU Eastern Partnership countries in developing e-governance. It will also provide an opportunity to evaluate the current situation in the region, and look at the way forward. This will be done on the basis of a Situation Review, compiled in close cooperation with all six partner countries. The review will be available in September and will concentrate on two distinct areas: safety and security of the cyberspace and e-democracy.

At the conference, based on the summarised findings of this review, experts and policy makers from EU member states and Eastern Partnership countries will debate issues related to the safety and security of the cyberspace and e-democracy. There will be a presentation on best practices and a chance to exchange ideas for improvement. Policy recommendations will also be made for the increased safety and security of cyberspace and improved e-democracy.

There will be a live stream of the event. Videos related to the event are available on our videos page and photos of events can be accessed on our photos page or on our Flickr account.