Mikser: summit provides clear future direction for Eastern Partnership


Today, at the meeting of EU and Eastern Partnership countries’ foreign ministers held in Brussels as part of the Eastern Partnership Summit, Foreign Minister Sven Mikser said that Europe is full of commitment to develop Eastern Partnership further and implement the planned activities.

“The summit was very successful,” said Mikser. “There was consensus with regard to the strategic objectives, which are well-being, stability and security throughout Europe.” The Estonian Presidency has made efforts to keep political attention focused on Eastern Partnership in the EU. He said he was pleased that today’s summit managed to adopt a joint declaration along with 20 specific goals for strengthening the Eastern Partnership countries’ economy, associations, good governance and people-to-people contacts by 2020.

Mikser reaffirmed that Estonia has been active in regard to Eastern Partnership and would continue to do work in this area after the Presidency is over. “It is important that Eastern Partners sense the consistent political and financial support for their reforms, through which the countries actually become closer to the EU. Estonia’s own projects in these countries support the broader goals of Eastern Partnership.” Mikser also stressed the need to improve communication of EU support to its partners, and to promote independent journalism.

“I’m pleased that implementation of Eastern Partnership policy during the Presidency was a united effort by the whole government, civil society and business circles. This shows that in cooperation between different walks of life, the goals of Eastern Partnership can be achieved.”

More information about the Summit: www.consilium.europa.eu/en/meetings/international-summit/2017/11/24/

Joint declaration: consilium.europa.eu/en/press/press-releases/2017/11/24/eastern-partnership-summit-joint-declaration/