Presentation of Handbook on Law Enforcement and Judiciary Reforms in Estonia 1991 – 2018


A handbook on law enforcement and judiciary reforms in Estonia during 1991 – 2018 has been written in cooperation between the Estonian Center of Eastern Partnership and the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences.

Former General Prosecutor of Estonia Raivo Sepp and former Rector of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences Lauri Tabur with input from other experts in these fields have compiled what is to date the most comprehensive overview of key law enforcement and judiciary reforms in Estonia since the re-regaining of independence. The handbook provides structured insight into the aim, implementation and results of the reforms which have helped create a system that is both independent and trusted by the public.

The handbook has been published in English and Russian to facilitate sharing Estonia’s reform experiences with representatives from the Eastern Partner countries.

Compiling this handbook was financed by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the funds of development cooperation.