Study Visit on Spatial Planning: Introduction to the Estonian Experience

23.09.2019 - 26.09.2019

Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine

NB! Project has already passed

Description: strengthening capacities of professionals and decision makers from the relevant Georgian, Moldovan and Ukrainian authorities by a joint study visit to Estonia on spatial planning issues. The purpose of the visit:

  • enhance understanding on how to transition from a socialist planning approach to an inclusive one;
  • enhance understanding of what are the guiding principles of inclusive approach to spatial planning;
  • give an opportunity to engage in peer-to-peer knowledge sharing;
  • establish a contact network with Estonian colleagues and interlocutors and to continue communication and knowledge sharing beyond the project;
  • enhance understanding of who and how to include in the planning process to ensure that all relevant stakeholders can contribute, and their contribution weighed equally.

The trip covered viewpoints of different stakeholders. It also provided an overview of the content of Estonia’s national spatial development plan ’Estonia 2030’ and provided insight on spatial planning by the subnational governments derived from this document. The visit included an overview of the regulatory framework and enabled participants to familiarize with various regulatory documents that derive from the legislative framework.

Funding: Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Budget: 7990 EUR