A Call of Unity, Security and Credibility: Reforming EU policy to the Ukraine Crisis

29. May 2019

From Crimea to Donbass, and across the Azov Sea the European Union faces a challenge
to its security and values unprecedented in the post-Cold War era. The annexation
of sovereign Ukrainian territory, the destabilisation of the Ukrainian state in Donbass,
and the flaunting of international law and custom at sea demonstrates the need for a
firm reappraisal of the Union’s policy to the question of the ongoing crisis in the region.
The EU’s interests in the matter go beyond the protection of its core values and norms
to include the direct security of its member states and lives of thousands of individuals
now in the grip of the manner of armed conflict the Union was founded to remove from
the European continent.
The full report by Mr. Mahmoud Elgindy, MA International Relations and Regional Studies student at the University of Tartu, can be found here: Reforming EU policy to the Ukraine Crisis