Eastern Partnership Countries: Aiming Reduction Of The Mobile Roaming Tariffs

14. July 2021

The agreement between the six Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries about the radical reduction of the mobile roaming tariffs is one of the visible practical cooperation steps they may take in 2021. Studies from 2017 and 2019 confirm the viability of the Regional Roaming Agreement (RRA).

The EaP countries follow the EU experience, where the Roam-Like-at-Home mechanism is functioning since 2017. An excellent example for the EaP countries is the Regional Roaming Agreement between the Western Balkans countries from 2019, which led to the abolition of roaming charges between the participating countries from 1 July 2021.

The Eastern partner countries’ ministers plan to sign the RRA during autumn 2021. Unfortunately, it has been postponed from 2020 because of the Covid-19 crisis. By the end of the RRA five-year period, the roaming charges for customers are expected to be down by 87%.

After the six countries conclude the RRA, they may start to work on the following steps towards a roaming area with the European Union.

Signing the Eastern Partners’ RRA would be a solid step forward and a signal to the forthcoming Eastern Partnership Summit in December 2021, at the moment, when the Partnership needs new impulse and practical results to demonstrate its capability.

Please read the complete analysis by ECEAP Senior Research Fellow Raul Mälk here: EP Countries_Aiming Reduction of the Mobile Roaming Tariffs_Raul Mälk