13. June 2018

For this report three regions of Georgia (Kakheti, Shida Kartli, Samtskhe-Javakheti) were looked at closely and overall situation in the entire country was analysed as well. The general characterization of Georgian media landscape is that it is wide and diverse. There are 98 TV channels, 60 online media outlets and 31 newspapers and magazines of different format and different periodicity. Tabloids are the biggest part of print media; TV channels and online media are most influential market players. Almost
all print media has online versions too. Most of TV channels focus on entertainment, only some have news and political shows. The country’s biggest media holdings are privately owned Teleimedi LTD and TV company Rustavi 2.

Most of cable and internet TVs that appeared in Georgia during recent two or three years belong to anti-Western and religious organizations. According to their financial declarations, they do not generate significant income, which demonstrates their dependence on direct funding. Certain online media operating in Georgia reflect political interests of particular groups.

An absolute majority of the journalists have higher education degree, but only half of them are professional journalists. The lowest salary stated is about 70 Euro, the highest amount was 500 Euro.

There are more female managers in provinces, were incomes are lower and competition with male colleagues is less intensive. Usually women manage the type of media that has lower budget and is being funded by international grants. Most influential and privately funded media outlets are however generally headed by men.

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