Georgian and the EU Association Agenda: Reforms Undertaken in 2019–2020

17. December 2020

By ECEAP Senior Research Fellow Aap Neljas


Georgia has generally been successful in conducting reforms that are necessary in order to
build a foundation for a democratic society and working market economy that correspond
to European standards. Important reforms have been conducted in the fields of building
democracy and rule of law, good governance and economic development. Georgia remains
committed to the obligations and undertakings of the EU Association Agreement. However,
although Georgia has made significant progress in some areas, some serious problems
remain. Political situation in the country after the parliamentary elections in October 2020
remains tense and there is not enough political dialogue between governing party and
opposition, how to solve problems facing the country. The administrative inefficiency
and spread of corruption remain serious problems for Georgian political and economic
integration with the EU. Georgian economic and health situation has become complicated
in the end of 2020 as there is an economic downturn resulting from the COVID-19 crisis.
However, together with Ukraine, Georgia is certainly among the best performing Eastern
Partners, which have succeeded implementing the Association Agreement commitments

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