Per Magnus Wijkman: Fostering Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreements

22. June 2014

The Eastern Partnership1 Summit in Warsaw, 29-30 September, held forth the prospect of achieving some long-awaited results. The Joint Declaration2 announced that participants “look forward to the possible finalization of the negotiations [on a deep and comprehensive free trade agreement (DCFTA) with Ukraine] by the time of the EU-Ukraine Summit in December 2011.”3 It further “envisaged that such negotiations could start [with Georgia and Moldova] by the end of this year, provided sufficient progress has been made in fulfilling a number of remaining key conditions.” On 2 December 2011 the Trade Policy Committee recommended the start of such negotiations.4 This result provides a welcome momentum to the Eastern Partnership (EaP) which had difficulties in getting started. Download the publiation here (.pdf)