Study visit of Armenian Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development


On December 18-21, the ECEAP, in cooperation with the Tallinn Development and Training Center (TAKK), organized a study visit for the delegation of leading experts from the Armenian Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development, led by Deputy Minister Vache Terteryan. Mayor of Dilijan, one of the most forward-minded municipal governments, was also a member of the delegation. The training visit was focused on exchanging Estonian experience and expertise in the field of local government structure reform and capacity building. Local government reform is a priority of the Armenian government, using the principles of administrative reform that was successfully carried out in Estonia.

The study visit lectures were held at the Ministry of Finance, Tallinn City Office and the Haapsalu City Government. Mayors of Dilijan and Haapsalu signed a Memorandum of Understanding in the framework of the study visit to promote closer cooperation between the two cities. In addition, the e-Estonia Showroom was visited.