Training on Disinformation for Local Media in Mykolaiv


On the 8th and the 9th of April, a training was held for local media representatives in Mykolaiv on recognising and countering disinformation in cyberspace. Experts from Ukraine🇺🇦 and Estonia🇪🇪️ shared their best practices and lessons learned through practical exercises on the dangers of disinformation and how to decrease their impact. Media representatives who are able to identify disinformation can in turn contribute to increasing the media literacy skills of their audience. Continuous training is required to help the journalists keep up-to-date with the increasingly more sophisticated methods and tools used to create and spread disinformation.

The training was organised by ECEAP in cooperation with Ukraine Crisis Media Center and with input from Hybrid Warfare Analytical GroupCivil Network OPORA and Stopfake who all have extensive experience in the field. The training is part of an ongoing effort financed by the European Union on countering elections related cyber threats and disinformation campaigns in Ukraine.